by james scarborough

In Memorial Project, Jane Brucker sanctifies memories of individuals to foil the dehumanization of ready-to-wear ephemeral-ness and off-the-rack anonymity. She first collects articles of clothing and then stretches them around supports, whereupon she installs them on the wall-a kind of canvas, emotionally primed with memory. Brucker filters an Arts and Crafts sensibility through a Minimalist seriality to create quilted hyperlinks to recall an individual. Collectively the blocks of garments intone like a digital choir. Here, William Morris, Marcel Duchamp, and Donald Judd meet K-mart, Calvin Klein and the Salvation Army.


JAMES SCARBOROUGH is a curator and arts writer living in Los Angeles. He wrote about Jane Brucker’s work for the exhibition catalogue UNLIKELY ICONS at Laband Gallery, Loyola Marymount University in 2003.